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Wise Professors, Respectable Researchers and Dear Students Human always seeks shelter since his creature. As human civilization established, the issues on creating road and paths were raised gradually. Having passed the primary stages of survival and reduced the human’s dependence to nature relatively and increased the social connection among people and characteristics of current urban societies, the instability among human, natural environment and artificial environment was established and encounters the current civil society with problems such as environmental, social, cultural,...


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Dr. JabarAli Zakeri


Along with economic growth of societies, pressure to natural systems and sources of earth intensify ...

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Dr. Afram Keyvani


Cities design and forming for optimal use of space to meet human requirements along with proper and fair ...

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Eng. Farhad Alizadeh Afshar


Sustainable city is raised from developmental process which provides the mentality and possibility ...

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About Tehran

The Great Tehran has its own stories which are very interesting. As seems, the people in this current great city have more desire to underground living and most houses are located at several meters underground. It maybe for compensating the past that the Tehran people want to live at peak of city and maybe they gain this hidden order via their descendants' souls. Certainly such underground....