Message of Scientific Secretary 

Cities design and forming for optimal use of space to meet human requirements along with proper and fair distribution of facilities, and along with promoting cultural and social levels of societies, causes maximum use of development outcome and sustainability of its benefits.

Architectural engineering and civil function, along with climatic conditions of each region creates conditions to prevent energy waste and finally increasing annual annum.

For sustainable development, one of efficient economic tools which can supply its financial resources is establishing special taxation system for controlling and reducing destruction dimensions and environmental quality. It is important and necessary that such facilities is considered the dramatic expansion of developmental requirements in one side and the necessity of struggling for keeping quality of environment as main ground and substructure of developmental activities on the other hand at scientific and expert assemblies such that many countries provide acceptable achievements in controlling the destruction dimensions and environmental pollution and regarding the economic, social, political and cultural grounds and conditions at different countries, such tool face with many varieties and changes.

In our country, providing legal ground and social considerations and its special elegancies, especially against environmental pollutants can benefit the regulations like a green tax which equals the damage cost caused by pollution and merely in compensating the damage and improving the environment status to make the environment healthier and strength the economic efficiency. It is certain that such new actions and decisions which obliged the managerial organs to create and use methods and systems which is accountable for the daily requirements and shall be measured according to social expenses and social benefits and considers the outer effects of activities so that the pollutant is responsible for solving them.

Developing green investments and financial aids to environment, establishing taxation regulations, like taxation for carbon emissions, taxation for energy consumption, taxation on industries pollution, is one of the methods and systems by which efficient directors are encouraged to study the transactions among economic sectors with environment since sustainable development, protection, environmental improving are main subjects which effects the manner of economic growth, social welfare for poverty reduction all over the world. The development is sustainable if it can guarantee the economic development of the country upon environmental protection so that it increases the welfare of current generation and keep the necessary sources for supplying welfare of further generations. In this regard the secretariat of 7th.International Congress on Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Development invites all specialists, experts, students, researchers and scientists at scientific, research and industrial centers to participate in diverse programs of this conference at this international important event and provides the possibility for reaching to above aims upon submitting their latest scientific and executive achievements.



Dr. Afram Keyvani

Scientific Secretary

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