Message of Chairman  

Along with economic growth of societies, pressure to natural systems and sources of earth intensify. The regrettable reality is that economic is growth while the environment which is belonged to it is not growing. Although economic profiles like investment, production and commerce seems positive, the main profiles become smaller, the soils out wears and weather increases. Since continuous growth of cancer leads to destroying the life saving support system upon removing the host, global economics gradually destroys its host, the environment with its continuous growth. Therefore economic planning along developmental goals is an inevitable issue in which environment protection is accepted as undeniable at first rank.

Overpopulation and following it the need for house supply and increasing plant products along with developmental issue is inevitable and no accurate planning is arranged by activists and no such development is sustainable while it will show its side effects upon disorders in sharing facilities, causing frequent commuting, time wasting, and increasing energy consumption, unconscious destruction, and losing many of natural resources. In reaching sustainable development, it was such that all paradigms of society progress is being considered and having done scientific and expertise studies, necessary contemplates are considered in implementing the findings of research.



Dr. Jabbar Ali Zakeri

Head of Congress 

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